Locator & Local Pages


Your local pages

As Google and other digital discovery platforms—including voice assistants—proliferate and make it easier for customers and prospects to ask questions and post information about your clients brands, managing the brand’s digital footprint becomes both more complex and more important than ever.
Our Locator and Local Page Generator provides a tool to answer consumer questions and more effectively control the information they see and when they see it.
ConvergenSEE’s local pages can be created pulling data from our Digital Presence Management platform and/or can be customized as needed. In either case, you are provided with an easy-to-use content management system allowing you to create, update, review, and publish content at both the corporate and local levels of your clients. As such, your clients can have as much control of messaging as they desire, while providing local offices or franchisees with the tools to create, update, and manage content and promotions for their local audiences.

Features and benefits of ConvergenSEE’s Local Page Generator

Features and benefits for your clients of ConvergenSEE’s Local Page Generator include:

  • A content management platform built for the unique needs of multi-location brands
  • Unique localized content
  • Local offers and promotions
  • Review snippets
  • Local events
  • Responsive design
  • Proper SEO set-up to ensure presence in local search and consistent organic search conversions
  • AMP (accelerated framework)
  • Centrally manage, edit, approve, and publish content to local pages
  • Create and publish information on local pages from the local office
  • Collect information from customers
  • Track click-through rates and conversions