Google Maps Local Rank +


Local Rank+ and measuring local search success

Our proprietary Local Rank+ tool is unique. It allows users to see exactly how local business listings are appearing in specific searches from eight specific physical location.
Why is this important? For the very first time, we can identify where to focus optimization efforts to drive the greatest impact on your clients’ local businesses. It also provides insight into what types of optimizations are most appropriate (GBP, Google Ads, local SEO).

What it is:

Local Rank+ will provide you with valuable month to month insights on how your clients’ locations rank, not only by keyword, but also by their proximity to the searcher. By specifying the search in set placements around their locations, you can track how their rankings change as customers move around their local community. Just as importantly, you will be able to check in on how their competitors are ranking as well. With a better understanding of the competition, you’ll know exactly where you need to optimize for your clients.

The result:

Every month you will receive new data to learn how your clients’ local businesses rank for their customers standing right outside and for the customers down the road. The differences in these rankings will provide direction for not only optimizing their listings, but also developing more focused marketing campaigns that are tailored to each individual location your clients have. That means resources will be used more efficiently, leading to better ROI. Hyper-local optimization does not just mean walking distance from the business. It means optimizing for wherever your client’s prospective customers happen to be. Whether you want to optimize business listings for local foot traffic or want to focus on the entire surrounding community, Local Rank+ will let you know exactly where your clients business stands and how to improve.