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Local Search News: October 2022

October 2022

The holiday season is approaching! Time to catch up on all the local search news and updates you need to know.

Local Search News

Local Search News: September 2022

September 2022

In September, Google updated its algorithm and geared up for the holiday season. Let’s take a closer look at this month’s local search news.

4 Things to Know About Google Posts

Any interaction your clients have with customers across digital spaces can have great value. So, each tool that boosts your clients’ brands to their user bases is a win-win. Google…

5 Things to Know About Responding to Reviews

Any interaction your clients have with customers across digital spaces can have great value. So, each tool that boosts your clients’ brands to their user bases is a win-win. Google…

Google My Business Update

Local Search News: August 2022

August 2022

Local search never stops changing, even in the hazy days of summer. Here’s all the local search news you need to know from August.

Local Search

Local Search News: July 2022

July 2022

Local search is always changing. From sun-settled apps to a major new scam, see what went down in July 2022.

Local Search News: June 2022

June 2022

Passing the halfway point of the year, time continues to move fast in digital. Keep up with all the latest changes, announcements, and updates shaking things up in June.

Local Search News: May 2022

May 2022

There was no shortage of local search updates last month, including at least one development that is sure to exemplify the extraordinary importance of user reviews. Let’s…

Local Search News: April 2022

April 2022

As always, change is coming in local search. Join us for a grand tour through all the updates you should consider, from an important new search trend to a big shake-up in local ranking factors.

Local Search News: March 2022

March 2022

It’s a new season, new month, and time for new changes in local search. Map upgrades, verification updates, new attributes, and stricter review algorithms have made their mark …

Local Search News: February 2022

February 2022

It’s time once again for the latest in local search. New moderation policies, refreshed settings, disappearing features, plus a major algorithm update, have all rolled in this mont…

Local Search News: January 2022

January 2022

It’s hard to believe January’s already behind us. Time slips by in local search, especially with a rush of new Google Business Profile (GBP) updates to kickstart the year. We’ll get you…

Local Search News: November 2021

November 2021

The holidays are here, complete with some shiny new updates from Google. So, let’s run through the most important developments in local search this month—and keep your…

Local Search News: October 2021

October 2021

With another month comes more changes to local search. If you feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with Google search results changes, you aren’t alone. Data shows changes to Google search results…

Local Search News: September 2021

September 2021

The hazy days of summer may have come to an end but local search is hotter than ever. Here’s your monthly rundown of all the updates and announcements you should know about from September 2021.

Local Search News: August 2021

August 2021

The world of local search never takes a break—and neither do we! Join us for a short rundown of all the local search news and updates you need to know from August.

Local Search News: July 2021

July 2021

A new UI for restaurant reviews, Google Posts for hotels (for the first time ever!), and a surprising ability to remove contact numbers from business listings. Here are all the updates you need to know from another busy…

Local Search News: June 2021

June 2021

It’s time for your handy rundown of June’s most significant changes in local search. From a two-part core algorithm update to the end of “short names” in Google Business Profile…

Local Search News: May 2021

May 2021

Restrictions loosened in many parts of the world and there was a host of updates and upgrades in local search. Yes, May 2021 had a little bit of everything, so let’s dig beneath the surface to truly understand the…

Local Search News: April 2021

April 2021

Spring has sprung and the changes continue in local search. Here’s your monthly rundown of the most important updates, including a new local two-pack and some handy delivery/pickup features for local…

Local Search News: March 2021

March 2021

March ushered in a series of changes in local search, from free Google Hotels listings to a handy new “estimated cost” field in the local pack. Some updates are experimental, others overdue, and all are worth…

Local Search News: February 2021

February 2021

Sometimes it’s the subtlest changes that have the biggest impact. This month in local search, updates including desktop messaging and stars in review snippet made life just a little easier for businesses,…

Local Search News: January 2021

January 2021

A wild year may be over, but local search continues to change and adapt. January actually brought a number of significant updates, including a new UI for Google listings,…

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