img img 312%

surge in website actions in just 30 months

Automobile Brand
img img 356%

increase In phone call actions in 2 years

Insurance Company
img img 45%

spike in online reviews in 8 months

Electronic Retail Brand
img img 6.5k+

fraud attempts tackled and resolved

Private Bank
img img 7.2L+

leads achieved over a span of 24 months.

Automobile Brand
img img 553%

increase in requests for directions in 2 years

Insurance Company

Challenges You Face

Google lisiting
Is your brand's information accurate and visible to customers?
Get seen by more customers and increase traffic with a well-optimised GBP and Listing Management!
Google lisiting
Are customers able to trust your brand?
Online reviews provided by customers on your brand's products and services, significantly influences your brand's reputation.
Google lisiting
Are customers able to locate your brand?
A centralised hub for customers to explore all your brand's locations and their details, bringing them one step closer to a seamless experience.
Google lisiting
Are customers aware about your brand?
Social media is where things travel fast. It keeps your brand stay in-tune with the latest trends and conversations that matter to your audience.
Google lisiting
Is your brand reaching the right audience?
Customers want personalised experiences and information that interests them to choose your brand.
Google lisiting
Is your brand ranking higher during searches?
More people are exposed to your brand when you appear at the top of search engine results page.
Google lisiting
Is your brand able to create a seamless user experience?
Customers are drawn to a UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) that allows them to navigate websites with minimal effort.
Google lisiting
Is your bank able to manage fraud attempts?
Fraud is directly connected to losing customer trust. Google Review and Q&A sections are easy targets for scammers to ruin your brand's reputation.
Google lisiting
Is your brand able to convey the right message?
Connecting with the local audience can pose a challenge unless you establish your brand as an integral part of their community.

About Us

ConvergenSEE is a global digital marketing firm providing ‘enterprise-to-local business’ strategy and services. A division of the DAC Group established in 1972, we’re spread across 14+ offices globally. Our 500+ strong team has deep operational, product development and service delivery capabilities. We manage local listings and reputation for more than 400,000+ locations, handling 1.2 million+ listings, across 300+ brands globally.

  • Pioneers
  • Growth
  • Scalability
  • Automation
  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • Equality

Our Team

At ConvergenSEE, we break away from the traditional hierarchical structure and embrace a culture of equality. Our office is alive with collaboration and vibrant conversations. We’re a tightly-knit community, constantly supporting each other, fostering personal and professional growth, and opening doors to boundless opportunities.

Blogs, Case Studies and Podcast
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Harness the power of Google Business Profiles for your multi-location clients this holiday season

Here’s how agencies can utilize intuitive software solutions to efficiently manage a large number of GBP profiles and get them in shape for the holiday season.

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