Local Listings Management

Comprehensive location data syndication with an emphasis on GBP/Google Maps optimization

In order to thrive in local search, your clients must claim, monitor, and curate all of their GBP/Google Maps locations—including user-generated location edits. Doing so has a tremendous impact on their business and, as such, is a primary focus of our listings management.

However, because Google is not the only platform consumers will use to find your clients brick-and-mortar locations, you must have a multi-platform and multi-device strategy. ConvergenSEE ensures that you do by making sure your clients local business information is accurate, up-to-date, and compelling across all digital discovery platforms, including:

  • Search engines
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  • Digital maps
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    Google Maps
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    Apple Maps
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    Bing Maps
  • Mobile apps
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  • Online directories
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  • Voice search assistants
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What makes our listings management service unique?

  • Service, service, service: Data cleansing, data formatting, updates to listings, ongoing listing management, and listing optimization is hard work. Leave it all to us.
  • Data validation and accuracy: ConvergenSEE cleans and validates your clients’ data prior to data syndication via our proprietary standardization process. This ensures data accuracy and proper citation management.
  • Our proprietary Maximizer software will analyze the client location data uploaded to our platform as well as the GBP/Google Maps location to suggestion optimizations and tactics that cab be used to maximize the success that your clients have in local search.
  • Quality distribution network: We use paid relationships with consumer discovery platforms to ensure all data is correct online for sites like Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, and many others.
  • Data-driven optimization recommendations: Our proprietary Local Rank+ tool enables us to see how your clients’ location and their competitor’s locations rank for the keywords that are most relevant to the brand based on a searcher’s proximity to your physical location. This allows for focused GBP optimization efforts and insights for other local marketing efforts like local SEO and Google Ads.

Benefits of Local Listings Management

The benefits to your clients of proper Local Listings Management through ConvergenSEE include:

  • Increased sales per location
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer foot traffic
  • Increased local search rank
  • Single source of truth for data syndication
  • Robust data insights and reporting
  • Data consistency
  • Duplicate suppression and deletion
  • Dedicated customer and operational support
  • Reduced staff involvement and labor costs
  • Direct relationships with publisher platforms