7 tips to increase conversions with Google Business Profiles

November 2023

Google Business Profile icon on a laptop in a store.

Navigating the complexities of managing a brand’s online presence across multiple locations is no easy feat. A significant part of this process involves optimizing Google Business Profiles (GBPs) for each location with the aim of maximizing conversions. Multiply that work by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations and you can see where a simple update can balloon in a massive project.

While this might seem daunting, with savvy strategic planning and automation software it is possible to streamline listings management into more easily accomplished tasks—even at the largest scale. Convert more customers by following our seven strategic tips for enhancing GBPs and explore how software like ConvergenSEE can help with your strategies across all your listings.

1. Engage with reviews

Responding to all reviews, no matter their sentiment, is a powerful strategy for building credibility. It sends a clear message to potential customers that a business values their feedback and is committed to resolving issues. Utilizing review management software like ConvergenSEE allows brands to monitor and respond to reviews across all locations from a centralized platform, ensuring consistent engagement.

2. Incorporate authentic photos and videos

Adding real photos and videos to GBPs provides potential customers with an authentic view of a business. Not only does this give visitors a better feel for a business, but it can also boost their engagement and signal a business’s authenticity to Google. When it comes time to post, using listing distribution software can help a brand to scale photo updates across their locations.

3. Optimize the products section

The product section of the GBP is a highly visible yet often overlooked feature. This is a business’s opportunity to explain the values of what they make and what they do and incorporate the search-friendly language their customers are using. For service-based companies, adding a ‘product’ for each service can be a strategic move towards driving direct conversions. For large brands, the only real way to scale this is to integrate with Google Merchant Center.

4. Leverage Google Posts

Google Posts offer an invaluable opportunity for free advertising. These posts can be used to announce sales, events, promotions, awards, or highlight positive customer reviews. Scheduling software, like what is integrated with the ConvergenSEE platform, can help prepare and schedule posts for all locations in advance, ensuring consistent messaging across all GBPs.

5. Include a Q&A section

The Q&A section on GBP provides another platform for free promotion. Monitoring customer feedback and reviews for common questions, and then posting these along with the answers in the Q&A section, can help businesses control the narrative and drive more business. Having and utilizing local search software that includes full control of the Q&A section of GBPs is critical to increasing conversions.

6. Integrate bookings

Adding a “Bookings” button to a GBP can provide customers with the convenience of scheduling appointments directly from a profile. In cases where this feature isn’t applicable for a certain industry, an alternative approach could be to incorporate a custom “Appointments” link. This link could lead to a webpage or a contact form where customers can easily schedule their appointments. Implementing such features across multiple GBPs not only simplifies the booking process for customers, but also streamlines appointment management for businesses.

7. Activate messaging

The messaging feature in the GBP allows potential customers to ask questions and receive quick responses. By partnering with ConvergenSEE you will get access to our complete platform and all future updates, and one of those updates that is coming in the not-too-distant future is centralized access to Messaging in GBP. This feature to date has needed to be managed location by location and wasn’t scalable, but can soon be managed all in one place.

The right strategies implemented consistently across GBPs can make a world of difference for brand visibility. By following these tips, and using powerful management software with ConvergenSEE, keeping up with optimizations across hundreds of locations is a goal that’s in reach. Increase conversions, create a stronger digital presence, drive business growth—see how you can do it all with our tools and expertise that defines ConvergenSEE.

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