Why your agency needs white label local presence management (Part 1 of 2)

October 2023

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As an agency grows, taking on more business clients is a sign of success. But when those clients have hundreds or even thousands of locations each, the complexity for digital marketing can escalate into a significant challenge. Work piles up fast, with tasks like managing clients’ local presence, store locators, and location pages, optimizing Google Business Profiles (GBP), handling Apple Maps distribution, and even managing responses to business reviews (both positive and negative) multiplied several times over. Each one of these tasks can quickly become impossible to scale—and agencies trying to manage them all on their own will feel the impact on time, finances, and resources.

Don’t let important brand tasks fall idle—there is a solution! White label local presence management services can help your agency solve a lot of local SEO pain points. In part one, we will dive into how white label local presence management can transform how your agency handles listing distribution and GBP optimization, plus some key features you should look for when choosing a partner for local presence management.

What is white label local presence management?

White label local presence management services provide agencies with the tools and expertise they need to effectively manage the online presence of their multi-location brand clients at a location level. These services allow your agency to manage key vendor sites (GBP, Apple Maps, car navigation, and niche directories), provide reporting, and allow you to manage reviews in a way that address the needs of large brands with hundreds to thousands of locations.

With 76% of consumers searching for the online local presence of businesses before visiting the physical location, executing a plan to properly that expertly manages the local presence of your clients is important now more than ever. So how do you choose the right platform to do this important work? When you choose a platform consider its tech capabilities, user interface, and expert support. A good local presence management system is built on a well thought-out and easy to use tech and should come with a partnership and shared knowledge that you can leverage to hit and surpass the goals of your campaigns. Here are some key benefits of white label local presence management services, and platform features that you should look for when choosing a partner:

Streamlined listing distribution

Managing consistent and accurate business data across multiple platforms can be a time-consuming and error-prone task requiring a lot of people power, thorough processes, and management of relationships with all the vendors needed within your network. Listings management software simplifies this process by doing all the heavy lifting and ensuring that you have a complete set of data that goes beyond NAP (name, address, phone number), hours of operations and a website. It also includes all key data points that both customers look for and search engines use to determine a business’s relevance to a search query. With a network that includes popular search engines, GPS navigation apps and mapping platforms, and niche industry specific directories ConvergenSEE can help agencies ensure that their clients’ data is consistently updated and accessible across all relevant platforms.

Listing optimization assistant – MAXIMIZER

Having the software for the distribution is great, however, not fully optimizing each listing for your clients leaves a lot on the table. A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a critical platform for agencies that have clients with numerous locations. As of June 2023, Google holds 90.13% of search engine market share in North America, with 46% of searches having local intent.

At ConvergenSEE, agencies can use our tool MAXIMIZER will analyze each individual GBP listing using artificial intelligence and recommends optimizations to make on the different profiles. A fully optimized profile provides your clients the greatest chance of ranking in the local pack for relevant searches, adding a boost to their organic traffic and improving overall performance of a campaign. Here is a list of features to ask about when talking to a partner:

  • • Google Attributes
  • • Google Posts (Events, Promotions, Offers)
  • • Google Questions and Answers
  • • Photos
  • • Services
  • • URL management (Menu, Booking, Website, UTM tracking tags)
  • • Responding to reviews (positive and negative)

Keep in mind that each of these features needs to be optimized for each location. Using the full capabilities of MAXIMIZER for each feature can scale across hundreds to thousands of location listings.

Comprehensive reporting

Keeping clients informed about the progress of their digital marketing campaigns is essential for maintaining strong relationships. It is essential that the reporting is both integrated into the dashboard of your local presence management system. You should also look for a platform simplifies the data into digestible reports so your agency can have meaningful conversations with your clients backed up by data that’s clear to understand. There are three different kinds of reports that local presence management systems can create:

Listing analytics
The largest sites out there, from Google to Meta, all offer their own analytics. Bringing this data into one dashboard allows you to get as granular as needed and is a real advantage to working with a white label platform. Without this it can become a real challenge to see the big picture story your data tells for your largest accounts.

Website analytics
At this point we all know the value of the data you get from tracking the many different actions on a website. However, having the data from all your location pages in the same platform as all your listing data, reports, and reviews allows your agency to make connections that could have otherwise been missed.

The entire reason agencies work with listings is to improve the ranking of your clients within search, most often on Google. In local search, the biggest factor is proximity to the searcher. For example, if a searcher is looking for a cup of coffee, the Starbucks one block away is more likely to get their visit than the one across town. Having a ranking tool that takes the searcher’s location into account, while tracking and comparing your ranking against each location’s unique set of competitors, is essential to judging the success of your campaign.

This is just the beginning with local presence management

To sum it up, choosing a white-label local presence management partner can be a game changer when it comes to digital marketing for multi-location brands at the local level. With tools that ensure consistent and accurate data updates, help teams optimize Google Business Profiles feature by feature, and provide comprehensive performance reporting the advantages are clear.

So how do you get started? You can always connect with our experts at ConvergenSEE and see how we can transform how you approach local listings management with strategic hyperlocal marketing and local SEO services.

Need to learn a little bit more? Then stay tuned for part two, where we cover how the right white-label local presence management partner can be the difference maker for managing business reputation.

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