Is your bank able to manage fraud attempts?

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Fraud poses a direct threat to customer trust, especially within the Google Reviews and the Q&A sections of your Google Business Profile (GBP), which are vulnerable targets for scammers aiming to tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Scammers attempt fraud by:


  • Misleading customers by spreading misinformation across various online platforms 

  • Persuading customers to divulge personal details under false claims of brand representation

  • Create duplicate listings of your brand, creating brand identity confusion 

  • Falsifying product or service information to deceive customers into making purchases 

How to protect your brand from these fraud attempts?

Securing your brand against these threats can be a demanding task and requires careful attention.

Our specialised online fraud management system specialises in safeguarding your brand's reputation. Count on our team to swiftly report fraudulent incidents and provide customers with reliable information about your brand.

We extend our support by:  

  • Monitoring, detecting, and preventing fraudulent attempts that can deceive your customers

  • Safeguarding customers from deceptive practices in Google Reviews and Q&A sections

  • Proactively averting negative customer experiences

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