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At ConvergenSEE, we understand that accurate location data is the foundation of successful local search marketing. We also recognize that not all businesses have easy access to essential geographic coordinates. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary tool, "Locate IT," designed to make capturing latitude and longitude coordinates a breeze. With Locate IT, precision location data is just a few clicks away.

Why Latitude and Longitude Matter
Latitude and longitude coordinates are crucial for any business seeking to maximize their local marketing impact.

How do coordinates empower businesses? 
Enhance Local SEO:

Improve your local search engine optimisation efforts by providing search engines with exact location information.

Effective Geotargeting:

Create highly targeted advertising campaigns that reach the right audience in the right place.

User-Friendly Interface:

It's designed for ease of use, allowing your team to input address information and retrieve precise coordinates effortlessly.

Data Validation:

Trust the accuracy of your location data with our validation process.

Custom Data Collection:

Tailor Locate IT to your needs. Collect store pictures, staff's local language proficiency, or any other data that enhances your local marketing strategy.

Pinpoint Accuracy:

Ensure your business locations are accurately represented on online maps and directories.

The Solution: Locate IT

Our Locate IT tool simplifies the process of obtaining accurate latitude and longitude coordinates for your business locations.

Batch Processing:

Save time by capturing coordinates for multiple locations

Data Export:

Easily export the coordinates to use in various marketing platforms and tools.

The Benefits for Your Business? 
Enhanced local search visibility and rankings


Precise geotargeting capabilities to optimise your advertising campaigns


Improved local search engine optimisation

Get Started Today

Make precise location data your secret weapon for local search marketing success with Locate IT by ConvergenSEE. It's the tool you need to ensure your business thrives in the local market.

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