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Garnering better insights for better results

TransparenSEE™ is our real-time centralized dashboard that allows you to monitor the visibility and accuracy of your business’ location data (name, address, phone number and more) across the vast ecosystem of search engines, social networks and local directories. The dashboard enables you to keep tabs on your citations, which means you can align your data across the ecosystem for greater consistency and authority. You can also easily see and respond to all of your locations’ reviews from within the dashboard, so you can garner valuable insights into what is being said about your business locally and respond in a timely manner. Best yet, TransparenSEE™ is easy to use, detail-focused and highly customizable, so you’re free to slice the data and break down reports any way you like.

The Challenges



Your business’ local contact information is not appearing on search engines, social networks and local directories.



Data is not accurate or consistent across sites and directories.


Reputation management

You’re having difficulty monitoring and managing your business’ local reputation.

The Solutions


User-friendly interface

Quickly and easily view the visibility — and gaps — of local business information.


Real-time reporting

Stay on top of your business’ local data with individual and aggregate health reports.


Centralized monitoring

View all reviews from all sources on one screen, garner reports and insights, and respond appropriately.

A more transparent way to monitor local data


Enterprise Level Businesses
Agencies with local clients
Publishers with a local sales force


Centralized Dashboard
Real-Time Reporting
Location-By-Location And Aggregate views
User Friendly
Highly Customizable and Scalable

Having relevant, accurate and up-to-date local listings is key to generating and retaining leads. With TransparenSEE™, you can easily determine where gaps exist, work to improve your visibility and accuracy scores, and better manage your online listings and reviews. There is no ramp-up time with TransparenSEE™ and you can benefit from ready-built relationships with all major search engines, social platforms and local directories. In short, this customizable platform provides the immediate local marketing solutions you need without a hefty investment in technology or talent.

  • Efficiently and effectively manage the data for every location of your business
  • Slice the data in ways that make the most sense to your business
  • View health reports by location or garner insights into the overall health of your business with aggregate reports
  • Get data on views, clicks, click-to-calls and more with the Google My Business Dashboard
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