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Bring the power, consistency and budget of a centralized campaign

to your decentralized local digital marketing efforts.


Ensure local digital marketing consistency — and competitiveness — across your distributed network.

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Local digital marketing presents unique challenges for distributed networks of agents, dealers, franchisees and stakeholders. Others vying for the same exposure in the same channels drive up media costs, making ROI difficult; branding is fragmented as network members overlap and stray off-message; and consumers are confused by multiple paid listings for the same brand. Symmetry™ is our unique solution to these unique challenges. Using real-time machine learning, it determines which participants to show, how to show them and how to distribute the cost across the network. It pools independent budgets into an effective media fund and provides members with clear reports on their investment’s performance. In effect, it combines the relevance and agility of local marketing with the power, consistency — and budget — of a centralized campaign.

The Challenges


Market Density

Dense markets, with local competitors vying for exposure, make it almost impossible to show up for competitive searches.


Cost of Entry

Auction-based media leads to artificial inflation so that businesses with modest budgets can’t even get in the game.


Disjointed Branding

Without brand control at the local level, network members are doing their own thing — and competing against each other.

The Solutions


Route to Market

Ongoing optimization gives all participants better business outcomes in direct proportion to their level of investment.


Real-time Machine Learning

Symmetry™ determines who to show and how to distribute the cost; pooled budgets allow you to compete against big brands for predictably superior results.


Coordinated Effort

More exposure in local markets and more control of the message; participants decide how much they want to invest. There is no single fixed budget.

A toolset tailored for distributed networks


Pooled Independent Budgets
Transparent Reporting
Real-time Machine Learning
Proportionate, predictable results
Localized Digital Media
Super-Fast Time to Market
Easy to use

Symmetry™ is specifically designed to meet the local marketing needs of distributed networks. It leverages the strength of a network, brand or independent business at the local level — one of the key reasons agents, dealers and franchisees join up in the first place — and provides participants with measurable results, robust ROI and the tools to compete in the markets that matter to them. Whether they’re insurance agents, vehicle dealerships, plumbing contractors or fast food franchisees, you can bring balance to your network’s local marketing.

  • Greater brand exposure in local
  • Streamline every participant’s route to market
  • Eliminate multiple paid listings on a SERP
  • Remove the minimum threshold for involvement
  • Focus budget on working media, not management fees
  • Proportional outcomes according to investment
  • Predictable results
  • Technology-only or campaign management included
  • Harness the power of the network or brand

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