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Local Data Management

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Driving performance at the local level

A visible, accurate and up-to-date local presence is the key to reaching the right customers at the right time — especially for enterprise-level businesses with local footprints — but it’s a challenge to stay on top of each and every listing across all major channels. That’s where local data management (LDM) comes in. In addition to using the TransparenSEE™ dashboard to monitor location data and garner valuable insights, our presence management experts take on the responsibility of cleansing, unifying and syndicating your local data across the digital marketing ecosystem. That includes keeping local listings up to date as location data changes, and optimizing your data as search and social platforms update the way they evaluate and display local information.

The Challenges


Staying relevant

Locations are not appearing accurately on major channels, or not appearing at all.


Staying accurate

Data points, such as mapped locations, are inaccurate or inconsistent.


Staying up to date

Updating location data platform by platform is time-consuming and inefficient.

The Solutions


Hands-on management

We continually monitor, cleanse, unify and optimize local data to ensure brand visibility, accuracy and reputation at the local level.


Pin It service

We ensure precision by manually putting in the exact business location on a map.


Data syndication

With our syndication service, we can easily and efficiently update data across multiple channels.

Local data streamlined


Enterprise Level Businesses
Agencies with local clients
Publishers with a local sales force


Centralized Dashboard
Real-Time Reporting
Location-By-Location And Aggregate views
User Friendly
Highly Customizable and Scalable

Our LDM services ensure the visibility and accuracy of your local business information across major directories and platforms, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Apple, Facebook and the internet Yellow pages. We take the actions that power the benefits of TransparenSEE™, including verifying, updating and optimizing data in order to improve visibility and accuracy scores, create SEO-boosting citations, and generate and retain leads. This winning combination of custom technology and hands-on management can strengthen the reputation of your business at the local level and drive considerable ROI.

  • Proactive management of local listings across all major directories, search engines and social platforms
  • Pin It and syndication services for added precision and consistency
  • Insights garnered from TransparenSEE™ and applied through hands-on updates
  • Backed by real-time reporting, and individual and aggregate health reports

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