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How Publishers Can Help SMBs Compete in Digital

In the past, small and medium-sized businesses felt confident that if they put an ad in a media outlet—whether it was a phone book or newspaper—they would be found. Well, as Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a-changin'. With the emergence of the digital age, the confidence small businesses once felt has started to falter.

So the question has emerged: how important is it that the publisher remains the trusted resource and helps SMBs compete in the ever-changing digital climate?

Leveling the digital playing field

It is no secret that the way consumers search for products and services has evolved. Many purchases now start with a search on Google, a local directory, or a social network. This change, however, does not mean that SMBs cannot or should not rely entirely on publishers for marketing. What it does mean is that publishers need to build on what they are already good at—connecting sellers and buyers—and expand their product offerings to ensure the small business owner can compete in this changing marketplace.

Today, there are endless ways to reach a target audience. Unfortunately, SMBs often don't have the time, knowledge, or manpower to execute effectively on their digital strategies. For many it is not only intimidating, but a foreign concept beyond their realm of expertise. This is where the publisher can and should be a one-stop shop for the small business owner.

Publishers have a reach that most cannot compete with. By increasing their digital product offerings, publishers can help SMBs reach their potential customers no matter where they are looking. For instance, by creating a customized campaign for the SMB that encompasses print, mobile, digital, and search, publishers can create a footprint the SMB would not be able to create for themselves or most likely afford by engaging multiple third parties.

A new approach to a timeless challenge

Small businesses are a crucial part of our economy, and many continue to rely on foot traffic in order to survive and thrive. As generations change, more foot traffic is driven via digital channels. It is imperative that SMBs are able to navigate those channels—and publishers have an unprecedented ability to be that compass.

Publishers are in the perfect position to offer hyperlocal programs to a large number of small businesses that are in need of assistance. As the long-standing trusted resource, publishers are in the unique position to guide and help the SMB compete. It is important they continue to do so, and we're here to help.

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