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3 Google Updates That Make it Easier to Engage Local Customers

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Google My Business (GMB), Google’s Local Three Pack, and Google Posts have all undergone changes, updates, and face-lifts recently. Some new features are likely to have significant implications for businesses targeting local customers, while others appear to tip Google's hand, revealing how the search giant will approach local search from now on.

If your business has multiple locations and a distributed local footprint—or you have clients in the same situation—these are the top three Google updates you need to know about when it comes to engaging local customers online.

  1. Post products on your GMB listings? Now you can.

    A Product Catalogue and Editor (beta) update allows small retailers and merchants the opportunity to load some of their products onto their actual Google Business Listing. And why does that matter? Because it opens up—for the first time—a dedicated listings area to promote individual products and drive highly qualified consumer interaction.

    This is not to be confused with pre-existing Local Inventory Ads, which service larger retailers. SMBs will find product upload functionality in the new Products tab (beta) in the GMB dashboard.

  2. Enriched content in Local Three Pack results

    Extensions have been added to certain Local Three Pack results, providing information about a business beyond the standard fields: business name, image, image, review score, and business’s contact information.

    These snippets are displayed when a search query matches up with a component of a potential snippet. The bolded snippet, shown below, can either be an actual match of the search query or a synonym.

  3. Create and promote public events using Google Posts

    Google Posts are being augmented. Businesses can now use them to create public "events" at a specific location (usually the business itself). It is now live on Android under the Contribute tab in the Google Maps app. Simply click to add a new event the same way you would add a new image. And be sure to tag your event with a location, time, date, image header, and full description!

Want to excel in local and put the power of Google's latest innovations at your fingertips? We're here to help. Contact ConvergenSEE or request a demo to find out how we empower businesses with distributed footprints to engage local customers—and drive meaningful growth across all their locations.

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