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Local marketing is time and energy intensive. You have to build systems, processes and relationships with a multitude of platforms — and you have to do it in a way that’s profitable, measurable and scalable on a location-by-location basis. That’s where ConvergenSEE™ steps in. Our technologies are tailored for those working with distributed local businesses — agencies, publishers and in-house teams — and come complete with innovative features, intuitive interfaces and ready-built relationships with all the search engines, social platforms and local directories that matter. We empower you to drive revenue, expand your product offerings and enhance your competitive positioning in the marketplace.

We make it easy to manage local listings and localized digital campaigns that are cohesive, consistent and cost-effective.

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If you serve — or want to serve — clients with distributed networks of agents, dealers and franchisees, our platforms enable you to ensure network-wide consistency, competitiveness and strong results.

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If you are a publisher offering advertising solutions to local businesses, ConvergenSEETM arms your salesforce with tools and solutions that are easy to sell, easy to support and deliver tremendous value for you and your customers.

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Enterprise brands with local footprints face unique marketing challenges, but our solutions make local digital marketing more intuitive — and more measurable — than ever before.


Local marketing may present a host of challenges, but you can overcome each and every one — and make game-changing performance possible — when you get the fundamentals right. That’s why our technologies are built to generate transparent reports and actionable insights. From local presence management to social media marketing and national paid search campaigns, ConvergenSEE™ platforms take the guesswork out of local and make optimization easier than ever before.

  • View reports from all sources on one screen. Invest energy in optimizing, not digging up data.

    An up-to-the-minute snapshot of every relevant report? Anything is possible with our real-time technology.

    Paid search algorithms automatically determine which participant to show and how to distribute the cost.

    Manage on-brand campaigns that prevent network members from competing against one another.

    Optimize every aspect of local marketing without the need for huge investments in talent and tech.

Products & Solutions



Monitor, manage and optimize the visibility and accuracy of your network’s contact information across all major search channels, directories and social networks — and see all customer reviews in one place so you can respond in real-time.



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Local digital media — paid search and local display — can quickly become a complicated space for distributed networks, but our unique solution uses real-time machine learning to determine which network members to display and how to distribute the cost across the network, delivering predictably superior performance in large-scale local digital marketing efforts.



Benefit from proactive, hands-on management of local listings across all major platforms, powered by the insights and real-time reporting of TransparenSee™, and using Pin It™ and syndication services for added precision and consistency.



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